The Design of Your Site Draws Viewers in, or Pushes them Away...

At Haas Web Design we believe in a few basic priorities when designing a website.

  1. The website should follow generally accepted web practices...
    • Gernerally, menus should be placed across the top or left-hand side of the page
    • Complementary color schemes should be used to avoid eye strain, or text that blends too easily with the background
    • The site should be interactive, but not to the point of being distracting
  2. The website should reflect the business
    • If your company provides masonry work it should look very different from the website of an author. The themes, colors and content should reflect the business
    • The website should appeal to your desired audience with th euse of images and site design
  3. The website should look good for the user, but work well for search engines
    • It is great when your users like your site, but can Google find it easily? If not, it is time to do some more work