"How much will a website cost me?"

This is by far the most popular question associated with a new website proposal. Due to the vast differences between any two sites, it would be impossible for me to provide a cost estimate on this site. That is where our free no-obligation cosultation comes in. A member of our staff will visitn with you one-on-one to discuss the possibilities for your site and work up a good-faith cost estimate.

At Haas Web Design, we believe in customer satisfaction before, during and after the sale of a service. We also strive to offer the most competitive prices for the services we provide.

Generally speaking, there are two fees associated with any website:

  • Web Site Hosting: this varies from provider to provider, but a typical site will cost about $80 per year in hosting fees
  • Web Site Design & Coding: this is my fee, and is billed out at a competitive hourly rate

Rest assured, you will only pay for the work you want me to complete. I do not sell web site design fees in 'bundles' or 'packages'. At our initial consultation, we will discuss the website concept and design ideas in an effort to come up with a realistic cost estimate for the site. Should you decide to hire me, I will require a modest deposit which will appear as a credit on your first invoice.