Graphics and Logos are Important, but do not overdo it...

Logos and graphics can really make a first impression on website visitors, but it is easy to go overboard. Large, high-resolution grpahics look AWESOME; especially on today's high definition displays. However, that beautiful image comes at the high cost of time to load on the users' displays.
Bright, flashy colors that look great on a large format banner or display at your business may be too dstracting on a small dispaly such as a tablet or smartphone.

At Haas Web Design, our team of graphic designers can create custom logos and graphics that will complement the design and layout of the site as well as your business. We can custom-create bullets for lists that differ from the standard. For instance, we used wrapped candies as bullets for Just Awesome Kandies and it came out looking great. We used a brick wall as the background on Paulo Martellucci Masonry Inc.'s stationary footer.

We can also take your photographs and incorporate them into custom website headers as we did for Savidge Farms.